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Indian Universities - Rankings

Just like the status of India in the world of football (SOCCER, yet to fly their flag @FIFA); the Indian universities are yet to make any mark in the academic world. Why.. why.. why is it that none of the Indian academic institutes have made it to appear in world's top 200 rankings; consistently in the past 3-years. The idea of this post is to bring out the bare facts and also to offer my own personal views for this pathetic show in the academic arena. Arena???, is it a good word, are we saying that the academicians need to be in a race; while many people shrug aside this topic calling it to be a meager "rat race". No, its a measure of where does the institution stands in imparting education and performing research, in a way it reflects on the worthiness of everything; YES, it is indeed to make one realize whether the students one trains, after all have to enter the ARENA and hence the correct word.

As we wind up the year 2013 (today being the last day); we learned 2-re…

Heavy Metals (??) on Moon by CHACE (Chandrayaan-I)

Have we found heavy metals on Moon ??

With an introduction to the present post, lets start with LADEE, then we will move over to the topic of identification of heavy metals (?) on the moon; the observations made by CHACE CHandra's Altitudinal Composition Explorer, a quadrupole spectrometer) during the Moon Impact Probe Mission  (MIP) of Chandrayaan-I (Ch-I). The sole purpose of this blog is to highlight a recent note published in Current Science; on the observation of two prominent amu (atomic mass unit) peaks at 80 and 94.

The CHACE observations were made during the very first phase of actions taken having got the Chandrayaan-I (Ch-I)  into 100 X 100 km polar orbit on 14th November, 2008. In a way, these were the very first set of experiments performed during the Ch-I project; while all the other payloads (instruments) were kept in hibernation. The Moon Impact Probe (MIP)  got separated from the mother space craft, Ch-I near the northern pole of the moon and had a 22-minute des…